Slow Pulse it's a strong heartbeat in our body and Weak pulsations on the Earth.
There are three of us.
Mariam Iakobashvili, Giorgi Karalshvili & Tika Bulbulashvili founders and Soul Makers at Slow Pulse.
We  are generating Ideas and transforming into the visual forms. 
One field is never enough, so we use our imagination on everything what's needed to be seen,
Art Direction, Design, Street art, Installation Art and so on..
It has been more than 10 years, since we're creating projects, with objects, colors and lights. 
Feeling, Searching and Creating.
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In 2020 we created the new production company "District 9 Productions"
which, provides Art Department Services for filming, workshops and Studio rental.

Check it here
Contact info:                                                                         
(+995) 593183101                                                             
(+995) 599185955                                                          +(929) 340-4453
Tbilisi, Georgia.                                                                   Brooklyn, NY

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